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Big names are the most despicable aspect of virality on the web. It’s amusing looking at this logically – nearly anything they do will in general influence the news, to be it unfollowing another superstar or taking to stages to vent about something questionable. As somebody popular, you truly can’t get away from the grasp of the web. Ayeza Khan as of late reported she was going private on Instagram.  This may come as somewhat of a stunner considering the way that she has amassed 3.1 million devotees and has a clique fan following.

This actress has dependably been dynamic via web-based networking media, revealing minutes about her family and continually refreshing her record with forthcoming undertakings.  This actress reacted to ‘World Lollywood’s’ post and eliminated any confusion air regarding why she chose to abruptly go private. Ayeza said that she needed to sift through outsiders and never again permit individuals who post “nudes” or label her in private recordings. The ‘Pyarey Afzal’ entertainer said that she would likewise never again acknowledge accounts that had “zero adherents” (bots), and needed a fresh start for her Instagram account.  This is what the actress has to say about:

Do you think she did it right?

Ayeza Khan is one of the top and leading actresses of Pakistani drama industry. Ayeza Khan’s association with any project guarantees its success, not only because of her talent but also because of the huge fandom that she has. Ayeza Khan is one of those celebrities who make an extra effort to stay in touch with her fans through social media and this is the reason why she has been able to maintain such a healthy relationship with her supporters throughout these years.

Ayeza Khan has garnered a lot of attention since the start of her career but after her marriage and motherhood, more and more people started seeing her as an inspiration and connected with her on a personal level. Ayeza Khan is one of those very few celebrities who has shown everyone that she can balance her personal and professional life and while still being a working woman, she takes pride in keeping her family as her utmost priority.

Ayeza Khan is the most popular Pakistani actress and model. Her fan following is unprecedented. She has a pleasant personality and is especially generous while sharing glimpses of her private life with her fans. She is also one of those few celebrities who are really conscious about their image. Even though she is always in the limelight but she has never been part of any controversy. She is also a mother and a wife for whom family comes before everything else.

She does not hold back while giving interviews. She works hard to stay on top of things whether it is family or work. At the same time, she makes sure that she stays grounded. Recently when her drama serial Mere Pass Tum Ho became a mega-hit unlike the rest of the cast she actually refrained from giving interviews. Her reasoning behind this was that she was actually afraid of giving interviews considering the huge expectations people had from her. Even after all these years, She takes her fans’ wishes and sensitivities into consideration while signing projects.

Ayeza Khan is a talkative and fun-loving person for whom spending time with family is more important than anything else. Her career in showbiz started purely by chance. Many people who know Ayeza as the delicate and extremely lady-like, will be surprised to hear that Ayeza Khan was a tomboy while growing up. She was surrounded by male cousins. She used to play with them and therefore she even saw herself as a boy. When she joined the industry it was only then that she realized what her true identity was. Then when she decided to embrace her feminine side, there was no turning back after that.

Ayeza Khan considers drama serial Pyare Afzal to be the most rewarding experience of her life. She likes being part of dramas written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar because he is really appreciative if she plays the roles written by him with precision. After she got married, Ayeza Khan started taking her career even more seriously than ever. According to her, she became more focused after her marriage. Acting for her is not a pastime but clearly a career choice which she takes really seriously.

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