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Becoming Fatima Jinnah On August 14, 2020

Each year on Independence day every Pakistani celebrity comes up with one social media post dedicated to Pakistan and the love they have for the country. They usually speak about their vision, their aspirations, and all the big dreams they wish to see materializing in Pakistan. All the celebrities use their platform wisely and get to share their feelings about their country in a hope that they will get to inspire their fan following. They post heartfelt notes and also word everything wisely hoping to bring a change.

Bizarre Choices Made By Ayeza Khan

This year, on August 14 Ayeza Khan was the only celebrity who took it too far and turned herself into Fatima Jinnah and posted yet another photo shoot on her social media handle. Usually, on such occasions, seeing celebrities at their candid natural self, with their families, trying to live in the moment is how the fans get to connect with them but Ayeza Khan used this as an opportunity to turn into a beauty icon and pose for Instagram. As beautiful as she looked, this entire photo shoot made it obvious that she took it too far and couldn’t think beyond beauty and glamour even on independence day. She had no message to share, nothing to contribute but all she could think of was how to stay in the limelight and do something that was purely about her.

Bizarre Choices Made By Ayeza Khan

There is no denying the fact that Ayeza Khan is one of the biggest stars of the Pakistani drama industry. She has worked hard to be where she is and this is the reason, she has succeeded in attaining a huge fan base over the years. It won’t be wrong to say that Ayeza Khan is one of those few Pakistani celebrities who are very much respected and genuinely loved by their fans. It is because of the image that she has created where people see her as a respectful person who is a hardworking professional, sincere wife, and an ideal mother.

Ayeza Khan is probably one of those celebrities who totally understands the advantages and perks that the association of social media brings with it. This is the reason, over the period of time she has worked hard to create her social media feed in such a manner that shows that she lives a picture-perfect life. For any celebrity, to be a part of brand campaigns and photoshoots is a requirement of their job but Ayeza Khan takes it to the next level where even a casual outing with her family on a day off is photographed professionally so that it looks Instagram worthy.

As much as Ayeza Khan’s images and photoshoots are beautiful, it has now come to a point where it is becoming not only monotonous but tiresome because without even realizing, she is projecting a false image of what ‘normal’ is and should be like. This is the reason, she has failed to understand the gravity of certain situations and because she can not perceive any event or happening, not beauty, glamour or perfection-related, she always tries to glamorize things that should be left untouched. At this point, it seems Ayeza Khan’s only priority and concern on a daily basis is to keep her Instagram feed as glamorous as possible, and during the course of it, she forgets where to draw a line.

Being a celebrity in this day and age is not just about looking beautiful or promoting glamour, it comes with a huge responsibility because the celebrities influence their fans and followers in one way or the other. For a star like Ayeza Khan to overlook the influence she has on the people and to unconsciously continue with the false image of overly glamorous day to day life is definitely not doing anyone a favor. This is the reason she happens to be the only celebrity who has nothing to say when the people belonging to the same fraternity raise their voices and concerns about the social issues that need to be addressed. At this point, Ayeza Khan has made it very clear that for her, glamour, branded clothes, exquisite jewelry pieces, and everything beauty-related is of utmost importance, however, it is saddening that in order to promote it, at times she has made some questionable choices.

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