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Bridal Makeovers

Ayeza Khan’s bridal photo shoots are also very popular. She always looks absolutely gorgeous in every make-up look. Well, there was a time when these bridal photoshoots were not as classy as they are now. Here is are two different pictures of a bridal makeover by the same make-up artist, the only big difference is that both these artists have come a long way!

Ayeza Khan is a natural beauty who has been associated with the showbiz industry for a long time. Ayeza Khan’s transformation over the years has been one which did not involve any surgical procedures. Like any other celebrity who joined the world of showbiz at a young age, Ayeza too has literally grown up in front of the audience. When she started her acting career, she was a college girl and now she is a mother of two.

Even though she is clearly no longer the young college girl but she looks as pretty as ever today. Ayeza Khan has changed her looks over the years. There was a time when her overall look always used to be simple. Even if she experimented with her looks back then, it was apparent that she did not have access to the best people in the business. Here is a look at Ayeza Khan from the time she started her career and a recent picture. It is evident that Ayeza Khan has not taken the shortcut by going under the knife. Her features are pretty much the same but her make-up game has changed dramatically.

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