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Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are one of the most famous celebrity couples together. The two got married in 2014. In these six years of marriage, there are many situations where this couple has set us some ultimate marriage goals. Ayeza Khan and the Danish Taimoor both have a beautiful son Raya and Hoorain Taimoor.

Ayeza Khan is a Pakistani famous actress and beautiful model. Aiza Khaan. Ayeza graduated from Newports School of Communication and Economics in Karachi. Her younger sister Hiba Khan is also a child artist in the entertainment industry.

Danish Taimoor turned to the film industry in 2015. Because of his hard work and excellent performance on the small screen, he got the chance to perform on the big screen. In 2015 he premiered the Pakistani Urdu-immersive action thriller “Jalaibee”, the first film to be shot with Arri Alexa’s camera. This film is about several related characters, all of whom grapple with their own problems and are connected on a unified level. He also got the best performance in the hit movie “Wrong Number”. In the same year, he worked with actress Sohai Ali Abro. This movie is about the crazy boy Sallu played by Danes who wants to become a superstar. Ayeza Khan and the Danish Taimoor are still active in photography and are often found in photography, leaving everyone in awe.

Ayeza Khan And Danish Taimoor Latest Photo Shoot
This time the lovebirds play again in a picture of sportswear apparels shop. The couple once again praised this fantastic chemical reaction to everyone in this photo. Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor are currently performing together for the first time in the TV series Meherposh. After their marriage, the couple first appeared in TV series.

Ayeza Khan has garnered a lot of attention since the start of her career but after her marriage and motherhood, more and more people started seeing her as an inspiration and connected with her on a personal level. Ayeza Khan is one of those very few celebrities who has shown everyone that she can balance her personal and professional life and while still being a working woman, she takes pride in keeping her family as her utmost priority.

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