Ayeza Khan Says She Is Superwoman For Her Fans

The actress says she feels her work is hard but fans’ appreciation makes her strong and motivated.

LAHORE:(Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Nov 20th, 2019) Emerging actress Ayeza Khan on Wednesday thanked her fans for callinig her “Super Woman“.
The actress said she loved all her fans who made her Super woman and gave her power to work and to dream and to make all of her fans proud.
She expressed these views on her Instagram account by sharing her photo.

Ayeza Khan said she daily got up early at 7 am and started making lunch box and dropped Horrain to school and came back to home to awake Rayan. She said she daily sleeped late night at 3 and then got up early at 7 am. Aftr breakfast with husband, the actress said she droped Rayan at her mom’s house and then left for work. She said it was her daily routine but she was happy that her fans liked her work and gave her encouragment to continue work with commitment and dedication.

Ayeza Khan said she looked after her children even from the work place through online cameras and said she herself did everything at home including the care of children and cooking food for them.

This all, she said, looked very hard to her but her fans and their praisal made her strong and superwoman and for this reasons, she was very thankful for her fans.
“I love you all and the amount of love I receiving from my fans have made me the superwoman and gave me power to work, to dream and to make all of you proud,” the actress added.

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