– صنم جنگ کی بہن آمنہ جنگ کی اپنی فیملی کے ساتھ خوبصورت تصاویر

A charming photo of Pakistani entertainment industry host and actress Sanam Jung has been featured on social media. In 2015, Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas Naqvi took part in Alvida together. Sanam Jung is the presenter of the morning show Jago Pakistan Jago, which has been advertised on Hum TV since 2014. As of now, Sanam Jung is reading the content of the script and plans to revive her performance in the TV industry in the coming 2019. Sanam Jung Latest Picture Is Doing Rounds On Social Media, Sanam Jung appeared in a commercial for “Nestlé Everyday Pakistan”. This is the only ad she has followed so far. Sanam has also appeared in several television movies, including Hum TV’s Eid Special Telefilm Ghar Aye Mehman.

Sanam Jung Latest Picture Is Doing Rounds On Social Media

The actress posted a photo of herself on Instagram and gained popularity on social media.


In the photos of Sanam Jung she can be seen in a yellow dress. The photo was loved by fans and has exceeded 30,000 so far. The comments section is also full of praise for the actress. In other news, rumors of the actress’s divorce circulated on social media. However, Sanam Jung broke the silence of the divorce and told everyone the truth. She was silent about unfounded news for a while, but now Sanam has revealed the truth and said she is living a happy married life. Recently, Sanam shared a few photos and videos of her Insta story in the Mehndi incident involving Sister Anum Jung, but she didn’t have a husband.

Social media users are starting to believe that Sanam and Qassam broke up. To stop, the actress shared a video of her sister’s Bharat activities with her sister.

The actress shared a photo on her social media to clear up the rumors in the caption she wrote.


False and baseless celebrity news is often spread on social media. This time, the actress vigorously denied the rumors, saying that such news was made up.

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