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Owning a beautiful house is everyone’s dream. And when it comes to celebrities, it is impossible to deny the fact that they like to take things up a notch. From dreamy vacations that most of us can only dream of as well as to having luxurious cars and big houses. In short, they surely want to have the best of everything. All we can see in Javeria Saud’s Luxury Bangalow.

Speaking of which, many famous Pakistani celebrities have given their fans and followers a tour of their beauty as well as mansion-like houses. Many of them have started their own YouTube channels as well as where they share their lifestyle with their fans and followers.

Speaking of which, many famous Pakistani celebrities have given their fans and followers a tour of their beauty as well as mansion-like houses. Many of them have started their own YouTube channels as well as where they share their lifestyle with their fans and followers.

But just recently, there’s one celebrity who has stunned everyone with her dream house. It’s none other than the bubbly actress and host, Javeria Saud. She is known for playing the protagonist Jameela in Geo TV’s drama series Yeh Zindagi Hai. She got married to a film as well as a television actor Saud. Javeria, as well as Saud, owns the production house JJS production house since 2006.

In 2008, she produced and starred in the television series Yeh Zindagi Hai, which ran for six long years. Since 2015, she hosts the morning show as well as Satrangi. Javeria Saud is the parents of beautiful daughter Janaat and son Ibrahim. They always manage to take time out for their kids. The whole family appears on the set of morning shows where they share their life stories and experiences.

Javeria told her viewers how she purchased some of her house items from different countries. From curtains to wallpapers as well as Javeria got most of her stuff from Dubai. At the start of house a car parking and a big lawn are in her house and on the entrance, there is big scenery on which the Holy Quran verse writes. Mostly mirror work and candles are inside the house the reason she expresses for viewing inside and outside of the human body. A big watch is in the corridor and some Islamic artwork. Its a speciality of Javeria Saud’s Luxury Bangalow.

Drawing Room Of Javeria Saud’s Luxury Bangalow
In drawing-room full theme is white and gold color and everything in the drawing-room is choice of Javeria Saude and their children and in the drawing-room, a big window is available which gives a view of outside as well as a view of their lawn. A beautiful console also in the drawing-room and mostly things bought from Dubai.

A beautiful sofa and a fireplace are situated in the drawing-room. There is not winter is so long in Karachi but she made a fireplace in her drawing-room. Small items are in the drawing-room and some religious items also in the drawing-room. Sofa made from Karachi. Special serving trays in the drawing-room.

This absolutely gorgeous tray which Javeria had bought from Turkey. A dazzling Quran holder inside a Kaaba-shaped box and beautiful golden stand and the Holy Quran is in corner of drawing-room. Wallpaper also purchases from Dubai and also have matching curtains. The stylish drawing room of Javeria Saud’s Luxury Bangalow.

A smart dining room in the house. Beautiful dining chair made from Karachi. Some crockery bought from Dubai as well as from Karachi. A beautiful dinner set gifted from her grandmother as well as in the dining room.

Wall is in the dining room from where the light of the other side reflects inside the room and shows a beautiful view. Some design on door glasses is made. Javeria made all these designs. The walls of the dining room are cover with red and gold color wallpaper. Her dining area is way too royal.

The Beautiful Corridor at the Entrance
A long corridor is in the house which has a fancy console and candles. In corridor, splendid stairs are which go upper portion. In corridor big pictures and mirrors are placed  Javeria Saud launched her own Youtube channel, a few days ago. Her first video was about Javeria Saud’s Luxury Bangalow in Karachi. Where she lives with her husband and kids. She told the details of her house from where she furniture, decorations as well as other stuff. Most of the things were from Dubai.

Corridor Picture Of Javeria House

A cupboard gifted from Javeria’s mother is situated in the corridor which she loves a lot. Part of their corridor where Javeria mentioned they love to have sat and had their evening tea as well as enjoy the view. In TV longue a big LED and Led rack which is the choice of Saud available and some golden fanous also hang with the wall of TV Longue. An art piece on TV Longe is gifted from a special friend of Saud. The beautiful decorative items have been collected from all her travels

A room from which a lot of memories are attached. It is located in the house which is for guests. All old furniture is in this room as well as wallpaper is on walls with tiger prints and matching curtains are in the room. The kitchen is literally the heart of the house. A beautiful kitchen in the house with the same theme. The fancy kitchen is pretty cool. The design of the kitchen is the choice of Javeria and it builds by Saud as well as other finishing work. All crockery also having a white color. All kind of stove is located inside the kitchen like steaming, B.B.Q as well as an electric stove, and traditional stove.

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