– رمشا اور اففان کے جوڑے نے اپنی پیاری کیمسٹری سے ہر ایک کا دل جیت لیا ہے۔

Couple of the hour Ramsha and Affan are winning everybody’s heart with their adorable chemistry. Both of them have recently appeared in ARY Digital’s new show Shehnai and since then their popularity graph has increased greatly.

People love seeing the two together and their energy is infectious.  Owing to this growing popularity, acclaimed fashion brand, Maria B roped them in for an Eid collection.

Ramsha and Affan come together for Virasat

Maria B’s new Eid collection is called Virasat and it explores the beauty of family traditions on Eid. Both the actors look absolutely perfect together and there is a dreamy vibe attached to the whole shoot.

Take a look

The collection offers a variety of colors to play with this Eid. From pastels to solids, there is a lot to experiment with. And Ramsha Khan looks breathtaking in every frame, the Shehnai actress is glowing in all the outfits. We particularly loved this black long frock.

Don’t they look straight out of the film set! We’re in complete awe of these clicks

With Ramazan just around the corner, fashion brands have already started revealing their Eid collections. The frenzy around Eid in Pakistan is unimaginable and we just can’t wait to see what more the brands have to offer. While we are loving all the collections, the brand ambassadors also play a key role.

Ramsha Khan and Affan Waheed have done justice to Maria B’s new collection and carried the outfits impeccably well. Now it’s time to see what other brands are planning to bring to the table.

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