Noman Ijaz Shares His Wedding Pictres With Thefans On Social Media Both Are Looking Young After 26 Years of their Wedding –

Noman Ijaz, a senior actor in Pakistan Showbiz Industry, has said that it takes a long time for a person to create his image in

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Hamza Ali Abbasi And Nemal Khawer’s Wedding Pictures Viral On Social Media –

“Some people marry to get rid of loneliness, some for love and many people marry with the intention of having children. But when your only goal

... read more – میں اپنے شوہر کیلیے جان کا ٹکڑا ہو وہ مجھے بہت پیار دیتے ہیں، اقرا عزیز کی اپنے شوہر کے ساتھ رومانوی تصاویر

Iqra Aziz is very Yougest and Talented Actress in Pakistani Showbiz Industry. She is very Innocent and Beautiful Actress. Iqra Aziz won the Hearts of

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Atress Nawal Saeed’s New Clicks Viral on Social Media Looks Beautiful and Delightful –

Nawal Saeed is a talented and Lovely actress or Model in Showbiz Industry. He is the best young actor in Pakistan Drama Industry. Nawal Saeed

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